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Duette / Applause PowerRise 1.0 Lift
Hunter Douglas PowerRise 1.0 Blind / Shade Lift Motor
Hunter Douglas PowerRise 1.0 Blind / Shade Lift Motor
Hunter Douglas PowerRise Lift Motor
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Hunter Douglas PowerRise 1.0 Blind /Shade Lift Motor

This motor was dis-continued on January 2013. We have NO stock and Hunter Douglas has no stock. From time to time we do take in used shades and offer the used motors and components on our "Special Offers" page. We have kept this page up for your reference only...

As a PowerRise 1.0 shade owner, your options are:

1) Search eBay for PowerRise shades you can purchase for parts.
2) Send the shade back to Hunter Douglas through your local dealer to have an upgraded lift system (Platinum Technology 2.1) retrofitted to your shade for a charge starting around $350.00.
3) Buy an new shade.

  • Replacement Motor for all PowerRise Duette and Applause Honeycomb Shades and Brilliance Pleated Shades made Before May 2010 and on or After May 2003. To determine when your shade was made < Click Here>. Also see "Detailed Images" (below) for pictures of motors.
  • Hunter Douglas Motor for RIGHT SIDE Part# PCN 2981271048
  • Hunter Douglas Motor for LEFT SIDE Part# PCN 2981272048

Note: If your current shade has a High Powered Lift Motor, then replace it with another High Powered Lift Motor...not this one! The gear ratios are different and the shade runs slower than a Standard Power Lift Motor.

If your PowerRise shade has stopped working it is usually one of four problems:

  1. Shade has no power - Replace the batteries. Check the battery tube for any cracks and make sure the tube is firmly seated in the contacts.
  2. Motor is burned out - Replace the motor
  3. IR Eye board is burned out - Replace IR-Eye Board
  4. Lift Limit Switch - Broken/Faulty, Needs adjusted or lift cord is not in front of metal switch arm. Limit Switch Troubleshooting
  5. Reset Shade Limits - Lower Shade completely. If the motor is not responding then you may have to slip motor out of Lift-Cord-Shaft to dis-engage then lower shade fully then re-engage motor into Lift-Cord-Shaft. Once shade is fully lowered, point the remote controller at the IR-Eye in Headrail or Satelite eye and press the Down button (on the remote controller) for 5+ seconds then hit the up button. If the shade does not respond then see steps 1-4 above.

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Price: $72.50

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Detailed Images
Hunter Douglas PowerRise 1.0 Blind / Shade Lift Motor
Hunter Douglas PowerRise 1.0 Blind / Shade Lift Motor
Hunter Douglas PowerRise 1.0 Blind / Shade Lift Motor
Hunter Douglas PowerRie 1.0 Old Motor

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