Somfy Glystro (RTS) Ordering Overview and Help


The Somfy Glystro drapery track will be built to your chosen specifications. The “Additional Options” area of drop down boxes lets you choose items specific to your rod order. The additional selections are explained below.


$$$ The “Price:” displayed is the Motor only price. You will add specific components in the “Additional Options:” section displayed below the price. Once all desired options are selected you can < Check Out > to view the overall price of the rod including all chosen options and then make revisions as needed.


Additional Options: Drop Down boxes


·         Rod Width:

Choose your Rod Width from the range of widths provided in this drop down box.


·         Rod Width in Inches: Enter the exact rod width in inches in a decimal format Ex: 125.75”.  This is the width your rod will be fabricated. Note: For inside mounts, deduct 1” per side or 2” overall so Drapery returns can be wrapped around to wall. Note: Your order will NOT be fabricated if this is left blank OR does not coincide with the Rod Width range.


·         Motor Placement: The motor can be placed on the Left or Right side of the rod. Place the motor on the side of the rod nearest an AC Wall outlet. The motor transformer can be plugged directly into the outlet to power the rod. > See the programming instructions for changing the motor polarity.


·         Mounting Brackets: The mount type is Wall or Ceiling.  You will be sent the correct amount of bracket type chosen. The correct amount is 1-bracket for every 20” of Rod Width. See the Installation instructions for mounting and more information on bracket spacing.


·         Drapery Type: Pinch Pleat or Ripplefold.

§  Pinch Pleat – Enough carriers (4 – per foot of rod) will be provided so that a 3.0 Full drapery can be pinned onto the carriers. These carriers can be easily removed if not needed. See Installation Instructions for more information on adding/removing carriers.


§  Calculating Stackback à Drapery stacking is figured as follows:

Rod motor and pully assembly and Master Carrier arm = 15”.  Each carrier = .625” = 5/8”.        

Each 54” with of fabric has 5-pleats which take 5-Carriers.


Example: Rod width = 120”.  Drapery = Center Draw Pair at 2.5 Full. Fabric = 54”.


1) Total Widths  = (120 x 2.5) = 300 ÷ 54 = 5.5 or 6  (Rod x Fullness ÷ Fabric Width)

2) Widths per Side = 6 ÷ 2 = 3 (Total Widths ÷ 2 –Pair )

3) # of Pleats = 3 x 5 = 15 (Widths per side x 5-Pleats per Width)

4) Pleat Stack = 15 x .625 = 9.375 or 9 ½ inches (# of Pleats x Carrier Width)

5) Stackback per side = 9.5 + 15 = 24.50” (Pleat Stack + Motor and Master Arm)


§  Calculating Coverage Area: Say for instance you are covering a Theater Screen or a sliding door where the drapery panels need to stack off the area. This example and formula below will calculate the Rod Width needed so the panels will stack off the desired area.


Example: Screen or Door width = 120”.  Drapery = Center Draw Pair at 2.5 Full. Fabric = 54” and are to stack off this 120” area exposing all 120” such as an In-Home theater screen.


1) 120 x 1.46 = 176” (Rod Width x **Multiplier) (**Multiplier for 2.5 Fullness)


To check our Math…

   176 x 2.5 Full = 440” ÷ 54” = 8.14 or 8 widths of fabric = 4 Widths per side.

   # of Carriers/Pleats = 4 Widths x 5 Pleats per Width = 20 Pleats/Carriers

   Panel Stack = 20 x .625 = 12.40” + 15” (Motor and Master Arm) = 27.40 or 28” per side.

   28”-Stack + 120”-Exposed area + 28”-Stack = 176” Rod Width.


**Rod Width Multiplier











§  Ripplefold – This type of drapery is fabricated to a defined fullness and attaches to the rod with Snap Carriers. A snap tape is sewn to the top of the drapery and attaches to the snap carriers. Most Drapery Workrooms have access to these fabrication charts that explains the fabrication method and Stacking charts. Both Kirsch and Graber offer Ripplefold systems that are almost identical to each other. Both Fabrication charts will work for the Somfy Glystro rod. The Kirsch Ripplefold Fabrication Guide can be downloaded off this website and has the stacking charts included for chosen fullness.



·         Draw Type: Center Draw, 1-Way Stack Left, 1-Way Stack Right



·         Power Transformer: Select the standard power transformer that is recommended for this product or “No Thanks” if you will be connecting the rod to an alternative power source. Alternative power sources would be larger 24V-DC transformers that can power multiple motors and are available on this site under “Power Options”.  Look at “Related Products” for additional power options.


·         Control/Remote: Choose this option if you want to control the Glystro Rod with a single or multiple channel remote (Teilis 1 or Telis 4). If another method of control is desired, then choose “No Thanks” and purchase the control item separately located below under “Related Products”.

Note: If you are ordering more than 1-rod and only want 1-remote, choose “No Thanks” and purchase the control item separately located below under “Related Products”.


·         Special Instructions:  Enter any special instructions pertaining to this order.