Help with Ordering Mounting Board Roll-Up Lift Kit



All Roll-Up lift kits will arrive fully assembled.



You will have to:

·         Attach the Lift Reels to the Roller Tube with screws provided unless you have specified measurements in “Special Instructions” box.

·         Attach the shade to the board by stapling or with Velcro

·         String the shade with .9mm or 1.4mm cord supplied by you

·         Program the shade limits – either IR or RTS

·         Install the shade


Board Width:

Choose width of shade mounting board from width ranges in drop down “Selection Box”.  The Wood Mounting Board, Aluminum Roller Tube, Mounting Brackets and Lining are included in this price.


Exact Board Width in Inches:

Enter exact board width in inches. We do not make any deductions or additions to this measurement.  This measurement is the overall Width of the Shade.


Mounting Board Cover:

          None – Plain pine uncovered board

          White Lining – Board will be covered in white 70/30% polyester/cotton drapery lining.

          Ivory Lining – Board will be covered in Ivory 70/30% polyester/cotton drapery lining.

          Black Lining - Board will be covered in black 50/50% polyester/cotton drapery lining.

          C.O.M. – Customers own material. Please ship to us tagged with Order# and Name.


Lift Reels:

Enter number of lift reels needed. This will equal the number of lift cords on the shade. We will provide an equal amount of Cord Adjusting Orbs.

 Lift Reels                 Ex: This shade has 5 Lift Cord                Cord Adjusting Orb


Motor Position:

Specify if motor is to be on the Left or Right.  This is important if using a Plug-In transformer and the Duplex outlet is located on the left or right of a large opening.  If pre-wiring a job, locate a 120V-AC outlet near or at the top of the window.  The shade can then be mounted to cover the outlet hiding all wiring.  If new Construction, pre-wiring can be done with 16/2 AWG and run from a central location such as a closet or control room with wiring home runs to each window opening.


Shade Weight:

Shade weight must be 10 Pounds or less.  To find the weight of a shade, use a baby scale or hanging fish scale or the like. The overall weight includes the Fabric, Lining, stiffeners, Ribs and bottom weights.  If fabricating Ribbed Romans, use fiberglass or plastic ribs for pleats and bottom bar.


Power Options:

12V Battery Tube – Use Lithium Batteries.  They have a long shelf life and can last up to 8 times longer than alkaline. The life of the batteries will depend on the weight and length of shade and how many times per day it operates. Another important feature of Lithium Batteries is they will not leak in high temperature areas.  Lithium Batteries are expensive!  


12V DC 1Amp Plug-In Transformer - Will eliminate the changing of batteries and is more cost effective in the long run.



Each battery tube will take 8-AA batteries.  We sell EverReady Ultimate Lithium Batteries at a very competitive price and will save you a trip to Wal-Mart or Target where you will pay more $$$ for them.


IR-Recieving Eye: (Only used for IR (Infrared) motors)

This motor requires an IR (Infrared) receiving eye. The IR Eye comes with a 10" lead that plugs directly into the IR port on the motor head. Choices are White or Black.


Control Options:

A reminder to look below under “Related Products” for all control options available for this motor. Either IR or RTS motors require a control of some type. The control can be a remote, wall switch, sensor or some way to talk to or control the motor. Note: If ordering Multiple Lift Kits and only 1-Control is needed then choose "Will choose from xx options Below".


Special Instructions:

Enter any instructions you think we need to know.  This is a great place to indicate Lift Reel spacing. The example below starts from the left side of the shade indicating the measurements of the lift cords.


Example:  Lift Reels to be 1.5”-14”-14”-14”-1.5”


Please call us for Quantity Discounts and Rush Orders!


If you have questions or need Technical Assistance, please call or email.  Email is the best:


Email: [email protected]