Tilt Shaft and Headrail Adapters for 2 Blind Products


For your convenience, please review the following table to assist in purchasing the correct

Shaft & Headrail Adapters for your type of Blind. If your blind is not on the list see below.




 Tilt Shaft



Heritage Wood, 2" Aluminum

Not Needed

Low Profile


Traditions, Lake Forest, 2" Aluminum, 2" Vinyl, All SureClose Headrails

Not Needed

Low Profile

Hunter Douglas

Chalet Woods, Country Woods, WoodMates, Everwood, Everwood Xtra, 2-1/2" Expose, 2-5/8" Reflections, Alustra 2"  

5.6mm Hex

Low Profile

Home Depot

2 Woods, Faux, Vinyl



Kathy Ireland

1-3/8", 2", 2-3/8" Blinds

5.6mm Hex

Low Profile 


All 2, 2-1/2", 3"

5.6mm Hex

Low Profile 


Visions-Faux, NuWood Composite, Estate Wood, Classic Wood all 2, 2-1/2"

5.6mm Hex

Low Profile 

Lowes Brand

2 Woods, Faux, Vinyl




2 Woods 

Not Needed

Low Profile 


2" Wood, 2" Faux

5.6mm Hex

Low Profile


Designer Woods, Devonwood, Doverwood, All 2", 2-1/2", 3"

Not Needed

High Profile 





















Determining Tilt Rod Shaft Adapter Type


The Tilt Shaft adapter will be 1 of 3 types.

Many blind manufacturers use x tilt rods.

The tilt motor accepts x tilt shafts by

default therefore no adapter is needed. If your

blind has a different tilt rod, look at your blind

tilt shaft shape and select the appropriate

adapter from the picture. If you are not sure or

able to determine the Tilt Shaft type, then order the 3-pack of adapters. 



Determining Motor Headrail Adapter Type


A Headrail Motor Adapter is needed for all blinds and is

used to hold the motor securely in the blind Headrail. The

headrail adapter will be either Low profile or High

profile. Measure your blind headrail Width and Height

to determine the type Headrail Motor Adapter needed.

Low Profile = 2-1/4" Wide x 1-1/2" High

High Profile = 2=1/4" Wide x 2" High




Determining Headrail Width Dimension for Motor Placement


View of 2" blind headrail from above with tilt motor properly inserted in headrail.

Both the IR and RTS tilt motor installed the rubber motor adapter measures

3-7/8" wide.To determine if there is enough room inside the blind headrail to

accommodate the tilt motor, measure from the outside edge of the blind headrail

to the tilt drum housing. If this measurement is less than 3-7/8", the motor will not

fit. It is best to allow an additional 1/4" space at the end of the headrail to fit the

metal headrail endcap back inside the headrail.


Note: If ordering blinds directly from a manufacturer, be sure to specify that the

         rout holes are 6" on centers. Specifying this will ensure there is enough

         room in the blind headrail to accommodate the tilt motor.


Updated 2/10 Automated Shade