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Somfy SDN 2.0 Data Hub #1870262
Somfy SDN 2.0 Data Hub #1870262
Somfy SDN 2.0 Data Hub
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Somfy Data Hub for SDN 2.0 Digital Networks #1870262

  • Used for Connecting devices to a Somfy SDN 2.0 (Somfy Digital Network)
The Data Hub is a Somfy Digital Network™ (SDN) bus distribution component which adds 5 device ports to an SDN bus line. The device ports support wire stubs with a maximum length of 200 ft. A wire stub is an extension of the bus segment which connects the bus line to the user interfaces, motors or integration devices. The wire stubs consist of any devices which split away from the main bus distribution line in a system. A connected device can include a Digital Wall Switch, Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) Receiver, SDN RS485 motor, or Somfy Connect™ product.

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Somfy SDN 2.0 Data Hub Specifications .4 Mb

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