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Somfy SDN 2.0 Power Panel #1870259
Somfy SDN 2.0 Power Panel #1870259
Somfy 1870259 SDN 2.0 Power Panel Somfy-1870259-SDN-Power-Panel Somfy-1870259-SDN-Power-Panel-1
Sale price: $1,578.00

Somfy Power Panel for SDN 2.0 Digital Networks #1870259

  • Used for Powering ST30-RS485 or ST50-RS485 SDN 2.0 (Somfy Digital Network) motors.
The Power Panel for SDN is a Somfy Digital Network™ (SDN) bus distribution component used to add 10 isolated motor ports and two isolated device ports to an SDN bus segment. Each isolated motor ports supports up to 240 feet of power and data wiring run to Somfy's range of low-voltage SDN motors. The in-wall or on-wall mountable enclosure offers easily accessible line and low-voltage areas for simplified of installation. This product can be used in small SDN systems with two control devices and 10 individual motors as a stand-alone solution as well as scale for larger SDN or animeo® IP systems.

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Somfy SDN Power Panel Specifications 1.1 Mb

Availibility: Special Order
Ships: 2-3 Days from Somfy

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