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Somfy 12V DC Solar Rechargeable Battery Pack / Tube / Wand Kit #9019235 / 9019034
Somfy 12V DC Solar Rechargeable Battery Pack / Tube / Wand Kit #9019235 / 9019034
Sale price: $157.00

Somfy 12V DC Rechargeable Solar Battery Pack / Tube / Wand Kit

          NEW Revised Product!!! April 2015

  • Kit includes: (1) Photovoltaic Solar Panel in Bezel with Glass mount adhesive strips, (1) 10" Y-Harness, (1) Alchohol Wipe, (1) Instructions (10) #9018621 NiMH(Nickel Metal Hydride) rechargable batteries that fit in the reloadable battery tube.
  • Used for powering Somfy legacy motors( LT30, CT32 and 2" Blind Tilt 12V Motors) and the new line of Somfy WireFree motors (R28, CL32 and WireFree Tilt 50) and Hunter Douglas 12 Volt PowerRise lift systems (see below).
  • Low profile solar (photovoltaic) panel is compact, discreet and easy to conceal at just 1.57" tall x 11.85" Wide.
  • Battery Tube / Wand  10" Y-Harness plugs directly into motor power port #9018684
  • Optional 48" or 96" Y-Harness available to extend reach of battery tube to motor.
  • Replaces single (#9013741) and Dual (#9013742) throw away sealed battery wand.
  • Replaces old tube part#'s: 9013388, 9013260, 2330051, 233007, HACC-9295, 9013229
  • Battery Tube / Wand Dimensions: 20.625"L x 0.792D
  • Warranty: 5-Years on Solar Panel, Wire Harness and Battery Holder. No warranty on NiMh Battery but has a life expectancy of 3-5 years.
  • Somfy Cat. # 9019034 / Complete Kit= # 9019235 which includes (10)-NiMH batteries.

The NEW Somfy Rechargeable Solar Battery Pack is a group of components that work in unison to provide a long life, renewable energy source for Somfy 12 Volt DC WireFree Motors. Patented energy saving technology uses sunlight to power WireFree Motorized window coverings by recharging the NiMH battery. Photovoltaics produce solar energy by converting solar radiation (sunlight) into direct electricty (DC) providing a Green alternative to regular batteries. The WireFree Solar Pack's PV panel is mounted on the inside of the window opening and converts the sun's light into electrical energy to power the window blind motor. The Solar Battery Pack is cost effective by reducing battery replacement and preserves the enviroment and provides a maintenance free soloution that does not require an electrician.  The Somfy Rechargeable Battery Pack is the ideal solution for hard to reach battery tube locations such as second story windows where battery replacement can be challenging.

Note: The Somfy Solar Rechargeable Battery Pack will power all Hunter Douglas PowerRise DuetteTM, PowerRise SilhouetteTM and PowerRise VignetteTM 12 Volt DC Shading Systems made before May 2010.  To find out when your Hunter Douglas shade lift system was made < Click Here >. For a retrofit diagram < Click Here >

 Somfy 12V Solar Rechargeable Battery Tube Brochure 2.8Mb
Somfy 12V Solar Rechargeable Battery Tube Instructions 1.1Mb
Somfy 12V Solar Battery Tube Recharging Instructions 1.2Mb

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Review by  Glass House
(posted on Oct 07, 2018)
Ease of Use:
I purchased one solar pack a few months ago to determine whether they would work for my very large (commercial sized) windows. The first one was installed in a west facing window with no overhang and works like a charm. I’m back to order one as a test for south facing windows with a slight overhang. I’m excited that I don’t have to constantly change batteries anymore for my extremely large motorized shades.
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