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Somfy Telis Pure 16 Channel RTS Remote
Somfy Telis Pure 16 Channel RTS Remote
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Somfy Telis Pure 16 Channel RTS Remote Controller

  • Communicates with all Somfy RTS Devices
  • Has 16 different channels that can be used to control 16 individual motorized applications or 16 different groups!
  • Controls unlimited amount amount of Somfy motors simultaneously
  • Has up to a 65 ft. Range
  • On-screen display makes it easy to program and navigate through settings
  • Each channel can be assigned with a name, icon or number making it easier than ever to control your motorized applications
  • Somfy CAT# 1811081

This remote has a "MY" button function which allows you to set a pre-determined position for the shade.  Simply take the shade/blind to a desired position, press and hold the "MY" button until the shade moves.  The pre-determined position has now been memorized. Every time the "MY" is pressed the shade will go back to that position.  The "MY" button still serves as a stop button when the shade is in motion.

Somfy Telis 16 RTS Brochure
Somfy Telis 16 RTS Quick Programming Instructions .2Mb

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