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<<< 12/01/10 
The Glystro Motor has been discontinued and is being replaced by the new Glydea Motor. We do not have any Glystro motors or parts in stock. We do sell a < conversion plate > that will allow a Glydea Motor to mount to a Glystro Rod. Follow the Glydea Motor Link above to locate the part.  >>>

Somfy Glystro Motorized Drapery Rods are available in (2) control platforms:

  • (IR)-InfraRed - The IR platforms main benefit is not only lower cost but the IR codes are learnable for integration into 3rd Party Control systems without the use of expensive and additional integration components. Dry contact switching is also built into this system.
  • (RTS) Radio Technology Somfy or RF Radio Frequency - RF is omni-directional therefore there is no need to point and shoot with the remote.  RF also has many more control options that are all wireless which means no need to run wires to Wall Switches, Sensors, Timers and can be integrated into third party systems with additional components.  The RF platform costs a little more and is more versatile than IR.

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