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Motorize your New or Existing shades with these assembled Lift Kits for:

  • Roman Shades
  • Balloon Shades
  • London Shades
  • Austrian Shades
  • Woven Wood / Bamboo Shades

Kits include: Mounting Board, Motor & Tube, Cord Lift Reels & Cord Adjusting Orbs and other user specifed components.

Roll-Up Motor Kit Control Types:

  • (RTS) or RF Radio Frequency - RF is omni-directional therefore there is no need to point and shoot with the remote.  RF also has many more control options that are all wireless which means no need to run wires to Wall Switches, Sensors, Timers and can be integrated into third party systems easily with additional components.

Lift Types listed below are by Shade Weight:

Light Duty Lift      Shade <= 10 lbs
Medium Duty Lift  Shade <= 17 lbs
Heavy Duty Lift     Shade <= 48 lbs

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