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Somfy Sonesse ST30 RS-485 24V-DC Rollup Motor #1000658
Somfy Sonesse ST30 RS-485 24V-DC Rollup Motor #1000658
Sonesse ST30 RS-485 Motor RTS to SDN Receiver Example ST-30 RS-485 Application Example Somfy-10005680-ST30-RS485-REVG-REVH-Motor
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Somfy Sonesse ST30 RS-485 24V-DC Rollup Motor 

NOTE: 10-25-22 - This motor has been discontinued with no available stock and replaced with Part#: 1241144.  Click for more information.

  • Ultra Quiet Motor at 44dBa 
  • 24 Volt DC operation (low voltage wiring using 16/4)
  • Bi-directional serial communication with 3rd party control systems
  • Eliminates the Need for 3rd party automation interfaces
  • Provides basic open, close and stop commands and allows for setting each shade to 16 intermediate positions with RS485 and 100 intermediate positions with Z-Wave
  • Motor can be assigned to 16 goups
  • NOTE:-> Somfy Part #9014599 Limit Setting Tool required to set shade limits for motors up to REV G and below. For motors REV H and higher, use #9017142.
  • Applications: Roller Shades, Screen Shades, Austrian Shades, Roman Shades, and Woven Shades
  • Lift Capacity: 1.5" Tube = 17.6 lbs.,  2.0" Tube = 13.2 lbs,  2.5" Tube =11.0 lbs.
  • Weight: approx 1.5lbs
  • Included with motor: 10Ft power cable, 5Ft - 3-Wire RS-485 communication cable
  • Somfy CAT. # 1000658
  • Somfy CAT. # 1000658

 Somfy Sonesse ST30 RS-485 Spec Sheet .7Mb
 Somfy Sonesse ST30 RS-485 Wiring Example 1.1Mb
Somfy Sonesse ST30 RS485 Installation Instructions 1.1Mb

The new Sonesse 30 RS485 motor provides bi-directional serial communication with 3rd party controls systems eliminating the need for control panels and interfaces. In addition to basic open, close and stop commands, the Sonesse 30 RS485 motor allows for setting each window covering to 16 intermediate positions. Feedback provides confirmation of each motor’s position to ensure precise control from 3rd party systems. Motor travel limits are first set with the limit tool, then programmed with software for assignment to groups and intermediate positional setttings.

 When ordering be sure to check "Additional Options" for components that may be needed to motorize if not already purchased.  Crown & Drive, Power Source and Controller are required to have a fully operable roll up system. See Related Products for additional components.
Note: JST-Adapter is needed if not changing the old style 3-port communication cable (REV G Motor) and replacing REV G motor with new REV H Motor. See pictures above for details.

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