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Somfy Universal (RTS) 16 Channel Interface (URTSI II)
Somfy Universal (RTS) 16 Channel Interface (URTSI II)
Sale price: $485.00

Somfy Universal RTS 16 Channel Interface URTSII

  • Used for 3rd party integration of all Somfy RTS motors both line (110VAC) and low voltage systems
  • Converts IR/RS232/RS485 to control all Somfy Radio Frequency (RTS) motors
  • 65 ft. optimal range. Can be increased with a Repeater
  • Power: 9V-15V DC, 200mA draw for each Universal Interface-Transformer included
  • DB9 to RJ45 adapter included
  • Up to 16 URTSII's can be used in one system
  • Somfy CAT. # 1810872

The addressable universal (RTS) interface can be used to communicate between home automation or other third party systems and all Somfy (RTS) motors and controls.  It is capable of individual or group control and can be operated via Infrared Remote (Part# 1810498), RS232 or RS485 serial communication. Once an input is activated, an (RTS) radio command is sent to the motorized window treatment. Up to 16 addressable channels are available.

Initial shade programming and limit setting must be completed prior to assigning URTSII control. Initial shade programming requires a Telis remote or Decoflex wall switch.To expand the range of the URTSII, purchase an RTS Repeater.


 Product Brochure .5Mb
 Product Instructions .4Mb
 Control4 RS-232 Serial Pinout .3Mb
Lutron Homeworks / Grafik Eye Serial Pinout .2Mb

We have sucessfully integrated the Somfy URTSII with these systems



Addtional Items:

  • Serial Cable Adapter Somfy Part # (9015028) used for RS-232 serial communication between automation or computer and URTSII. Use this part if communication cable between controller and URTSI is 50 Ft or less. This part is included with the unit.
  • RS-485 Port Powered Optically Isolated Converter. Used to convert RS-232 to RS-485. Use this part if communication cable (CAT5) is over 50 Ft and under 4000 Ft. [Connection Diagram]
  • IR-Sensor (miniature) w/3ft cable Part# 9015078 needed for addressing each of the URTSI 16 channels for learnable IR communication and control of motors
  • Learnable 99-Channel IR-Remote Part# 1810498 used for addressing each of the URTSI 16 channels and learning IR Codes for 3rd party integration.

A Cat5 straight through patch cable can be used to connect the RS-232 or RS-485 serial adapter to the URTSII. They can be purchased at Best Buy or Walmart.  You may also consider buying a USB to Serial Adapter if operating the URSTII via a computer or laptop since many newer computers no longer have serial ports.

Availabilty: In stock
Ships: 12-24 Hours

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Review by  Jimjo
(posted on Dec 01, 2010)
Ease of Use:
Unit is great for integrating any SOmfy RTS motor. Connected to my PC to control shades. Had a little trouble figuring out the RS-232 DB9 pinout but finally got it!
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