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Somfy SDN 2.0 Bus Station Power Supply #1822440
Somfy SDN 2.0 Bus Station Power Supply #1822440
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Somfy Bus Station Power Supply for SDN 2.0 Digital Networks #1822440

  • Used for powering the RS-485 Data Bus for a Somfy SDN 2.0 (Somfy Digital Network)
The Bus and Sensor Station Power Supply is a Somfy Digital Network™ (SDN) component that provides 80 power units to the SDN bus. A Bus Power Supply provides power to 24V devices on a single SDN bus segment, or can power one (1) Compact Sensor or one (1) Sensor Station on an animeo IP® sensor bus. The Bus Power Supply does not power motors. The Bus Power Supply is fault-tolerant, ensuring reliable operation should installation or wiring errors occur. Also provided is an SDN data pass-through input for in-line connection anywhere on the bus without splitters or hubs.

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Somfy Bus Staion Power Supply Specifications .4 Mb

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